Internet Sharing using the DSL Modem/Router

I have just started using Verizon DSl and I am using Westell 327 DSL Modem/Router which can connect to 4 computers. Currently I am using Internet on one of my computer which has XP operating system. I have another computer which has Windows 98 SE on it and I want to share the Internet. How do I do it? I tried putting one end of the Ethernet Cable into the E2 outlet of DSL Modem/Router and other end into the computer but could not connect to the Internet. Please let me know how to share the Internet.

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First you should know of the private Verizon support News Group; 0.verizon.adsl

The Westell needs to be placed into Router mode and your computers are connected to the LAN side of the Westell. All computers on the LAN side just need to be setup for DHCP and the Westell needs to have its DHCP server enabled. Once you do this, you can share the one Verizon WAN address with upto 253 LAN nodes.

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