Sharing DSL using Wireless Router

I am interested in possibly sharing my DSL line with a neighbor using a Wireless Router. Are there any routers available that can be configured so that my neighbor can only access the internet, but can not access other computers connected to the router?


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Mike Schumann
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That is controlled by the computers that are connected to the router. Read here:

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That isn't a function of the router

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Curly Bill

wel.. that's not exactly true... Many routers have a facility to disable access to each of the wifi clients and some have facilities to disable acces to anyone on the same lan. VLAN system per port.

Example of this is one from

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quickfind code: 102943

Full details of it from the manufacturer here...

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product but different housing.

Demo of the web interface here:

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Note the LAN isolation settings... that's what your looking for.

Hope that helps...


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