Connecting ADSL USB Modem to wireless router?


I would like to be able to share an ADSL internet connection that is already setup using an ADSL USB Modem (D-Link DSL-200). So I went out and bought a d-link wireless router, took it home and opened it up to find an ethernet cable inside which of course i couldn't connect to the USB modem. Thus I haven't been able to find a router that is compatible with the one i already have and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction? I was thinking of just replacing the existing modem with a wireless modem/router but the computer doesn't have an ethernet network card either..

Any suggestions.. thanks!

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On 7 Dec 2006 18:39:29 -0800, "DJG79" wrote in :

Get your DSL provider to swap the USB modem for an Ethernet modem.

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John Navas

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Its almost impossible to find routers you can plug a USB modem into, since the router would need to have somewhere/somehow to install the USB drivers and would rpobably only support a small subset of modems anyway. Possibly some high-end routers may do it.

Check if your ISP can swap the modem for one with an ethernet connection, or swap your wireless router for one with a builtin modem.

Ethernet cards cost around £10. If all else fails, or youre afraid to open the box on the desktop, get a wireless USB adapter for it.

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