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Hello, Here is what I would like to be able to do without changing any of my current settings if this is Possible. I currently have a dsl from earthlink will call is (modem/router 1 which is a zyxel p660 r elnk) and now I am trying out comcast will call this (modem 2 which is a motorola sb5120) and a belkin cable /dsl router f5d6231-4 and a wirless card belkin f57010. As of now I have 3 computers all win98 wired to the router and the modem/router 1 and my wireless which is a xp home computer. All computers can see each other and things are working perfectly and I can connect through the net via the router. I want to have the choose of using the cable modem or the dsl modem when ever I want to by just unplugging The back of the wan connection and plugging the other one in but the problem is when I plug the cable modem to The router and change the settings in the router to dynamic it does not want to connect to the internet. Any help would be appreciated.

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On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 20:17:42 GMT, "jon" wrote in :

Please spell things out completely -- trying to grok "clever" abbrevs is a confusing pain.

What you want can't be done, because DSL and cable require different router configurations. What you could do is put two wired routers (properly configured) on the two broadband modems, and then switch a wireless access point back and forth between them. Wired computers would be connected to the wireless access point, not either wired router.

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John Navas

jon wrote something that I rearranged:

Did I rephrase that correctly? What is the setup that works? earthlink-zyxel-pc ?

What doesn't work? comcast-motorola-belkin-pc? Where is the Zyxel in the cable configuration? Where is the Belkin in the DSL configuration?

I don't know what one cable you could switch and have this work.

Did the cable modem ever work? Does it work connected directly to one PC, but not via the belkin router?

You may need to "clone" the one MAC address that the cable modem has been configured to accept.

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On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 21:10:22 +0000 (UTC), wrote in :

Not with Comcast. Just power cycle the cable modem to have a new MAC address registered.

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John Navas

"jon" wrote in news:GRKzh.426$

So what the problem ?

Why unplugging cables ?

You have DSL -> Rtr1 -> whatever You have Cable -> Rtr2 -> whatever

If this were me, what I'd do is leave rtr1's LAN IP at (or whatever it is), and change rtr2's LAN IP to something else,, so there isn't a conflict of IP's. This puts both rtr subnets on the same IP segment, so they can talk to each other.

Then, uplink the 2 rtr's together....connect them from LAN port to LAN port. You may need a crossover cable to do so if one of the rtr's is not autosensing or doesn't have an 'uplink' port.

At this point, from a PC, you should be able to connect to both rtr's. Just a ping will verify that.

Then simply create 2 .bat files on your desktop.

DSL.bat & Cable.bat

In the DSL.bat file...

route delete route add mask (

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