Belkin wireless router to DSL 504g - Help

I have a DSL 504G ADSL modem/Router connected to the internet. It is setup to be always-on mode. I have static IP address ADSL connection.

Now I have bought a new Dell Notebook computer and a Belkin wireless router - Dell package.

I want to use DSL 504 G to connect to other PC's using the Ethernet wire as it is now .

And use the new Belkin wireless router to connect to the notebook using wireless connection. ( I am not going to use the wirelss router for any wired connections to any pc)

Can someone help me to figure out how to connect the Belkin wireless router to the DSL 504G modem/router,

Thanks for your advice/help

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On Wed, 8 Nov 2006 13:01:59 +1100, "Tissa" wrote in :

Configure it as an access point, by turning off DHCP, and connecting a LAN port to a LAN port on the 504G. Leave the WAN port unconnected.

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John Navas

The netgear instructions are generic enough that they probably apply to your Belkin.

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"Using the WGR614 router as a Wireless Access Point."

Turn off DHCP, set the "WAN address" to something harmless, outside of your normal subnet, and connect your existing router to the LAN side of the Belkin, leaving the Belkin WAN connection unused.

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Thank you for your help - it is working for your config info.

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