Zytel modem problem

I am trying to install ELN DSL for my brother and have ran a against a wall. This modem wants to establish the DSL connection and the Netgear WGR614 v5 wants to establish the connection. If I leave both pieces to establish the connection service is flaky at best. If I remove the connection data from the router and configure it as if a static IP nothing happens at all. Netgear's KB says to configure the modem for bridged mode for this situation. Problem is they only speak to the usage of a SpeedStream 5100b modem. Can anybody explain how to access the Zytel configuring screen. I know to plug the computer RJ45 directly to the modem but I not sure other than entering the IP of What will be needed in the way of a password or access code. Is there a configuration menu that will appear or will I have to enter some sort of command string.


Jerry Good snipped-for-privacy@omnific.com

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