Westell DSL modem

How do I keep my Westell 327 AP/DSL Modem from showing up as a resource on my wireless network?

I am protected by WPA and MAC but still would rather it not show.


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If you mean to not broadcast it's SSID, forget it, that is displayed by various wireless sniffers in an instant.

Incidentally MAC filtering is next to useless too as it is defeated the moment one valid packet from a client is sniffed.


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David Taylor

Well that what the document files say, but I have never met anyone with the knowledge or skill to get into any secured network. It's something for films. They are more secure than you like to think ! I tried various programs to see if they would do as claimed and not one of them does. The ones claiming to crack WEP and WPA are not even available in any assembled program! Most people trying to get into a network haven't a clue about computers.

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(of basic wireless security)

You have however just communicated with a very great number.

Great - send the contract right over. :-)

Finding "hidden" networks and capturing SSIDs and MACs is trivial with something like netstumbler and ethereal.

Cracking WPA is considerably more interesting, but WEP crackers can be downloaded to "test" your own network.

With you on that one! Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

You reckon?!

If only you knew.

Right so here's a little test for you. Download ethereal and smac.

Sniff the packets in ethereal, see that nice Source MAC address? Now spoof it on another machine using smac. Now connect up.

Job done. No decryption necessary, just a capture of a MAC address.

Now go and download the auditor collection (google will take you there) or any number of the other linux bootable CD's that have ALL (ok pretty much) the tools assembled ready to run.

Have a go with aircrack, i've cracked a WEP key here in under 8 minutes which I think was pretty good. Others take longer but not that long.

Yes many people have no clue, but then there's google and some bored teenagers and since all the tools are there, all you need is the right wireless card and a bit of time to play.

Is everyone doing it? Of course not but you're head in the sand stance is well....clueless.


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David Taylor

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