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2wire 1701HG off-line configuration
I've been given an old 2wire 1701hg home gateway to play with and thought I'd try to configure it as a backup to a Cayman 3546 which has been in continuous service since about 2004. I've tried...
3 years ago
Are there still a lot of DSL services?
Hello. It seems like less these days since phone companies don't want them anymore like in my areas. :/ Thank you in advance. :) You have to define for what area of the world. I assume the US? The...
6 years ago 9
How the ADSL Connection Works
8 years ago
static on ATT uverse dsl landline
Hi I recently got ATT uverse dsl and kept my landline, also with ATT. It worked fine and then static began to appear on the phone. I have the filters installed correctly and have swapped filters to...
9 years ago 3
How to determine exactly how far/long the phone line is between home/locations and COs are for DSL?
Hello. Is there a way to determine how far/long the phone line is between homes/locations and COs for DSL? Thank you in advance. :) You can determine the prem location to CO distance, but that isn't...
9 years ago 6
Verizon's DSL or not in my upcoming home area?
Weird. Lately, Verizon's web site and its online chat said no DSL (and FIOS) services in my new upcoming area lately. A few months ago, its DSL service was available for lowly 1 Mb/sec speed. How come...
10 years ago 1
1 Mb download speeds.
Hi. I noticed my area finally can get DSL? It says maximum speed is only 1 Mb/sec. In the past, I could never get DSL due to 20K ft. distance to CO but now I can? Did DSL technology finally improve to...
10 years ago 10
DSLAM equipment comparison
Hi, I hope this newsgroup still alive... I'm wondering where can I find comparisons or experiences about the performance of several DSLAMs or MSANs. What are good quality brands? I know Zhone,...
10 years ago 1
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
BT Issues
First off I hope I have posted this topic in the right section, apologies if I have not! I have a BT Internet Connection and have done since May when I moved into a new apartment. My PC is using a...
11 years ago
Reporting faults on BT lines
My ISP provides ADSL over my existing BT PSTN line. When the ISP considers there is a fault on that PSTN line, why is he saying he is not allowed to report it mon my behalf to BT? Any ideas? Any...
11 years ago 3
BT Home Hub Different ISP
Hi, I have unlocked a BT Home Hub v1.0 (which is actually a Thompson 7G?) and now have version of the Thompson firmware installed. However I am having problems getting it to connect to the...
11 years ago