Cannot Access Internet through Router


I have an SMC2804WBRP-G router that can handle wireless communication. I also have a high speed cable modem. I have been able to successfully connect the cable modem to my router and then have my computer talk to the router.

However, I am having one heck of a time trying to get my laptop to connect to the router wirelessly and browse the internet. I've been able to have my laptop connect to the router (it says connected)... but then nada... it can't get to the internet.

Anyone have any ideas?



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go into network connections, find your network card, highlight TCP/IP, click properties and see if it's set to "obtain IP address automatically"

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Can you go to a command prompt on the laptop and do an "ipconfig/all" and post the output here?


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Unplug the modem from the router while doing these tests, you don't want to get anything nasty from the 'net.

Make sure router and laptop are both using the same wireless mode and SSID. Make sure the laptop is using DHCP to get an address.

Turn off all encryption at both ends. Windows lies when it says connected, it means "I can pick up radio, but I can't neccessarily actually use it".

Check your IP address - its probably 169.x.x.x which means you didn't get an address from the router, probably because encryption key exchange failed.

Turn off all access control, mac filtering, etc etc under Firewall on the router. Turn off the firewall on your laptop too.

Once you get connected, start re-enabling things till it breaks. Then fix the problem...

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Mark McIntyre

It may be your ISP, I use verizon and found that when I hooked up the router I had two choices. Clone the PCs wired MAC address to the router (the PC was initially connected directly to the modem), or wait several hours for the system to notice the change, I don't recall if there was any thing that had to be done for that second one to work though.

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Hi All,

I went with the approach to disable all security and then start re-enabling it. Unfortunately the culprit seems to be the wifi security between my router and the laptop.

I've since enabled MAC filtering on the router firewall and will have to look at the security a little more when I get a chance.

Thanks for all the responses.



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Which you do realize is nearly no security at all, right? All it takes is for someone else to listen to the airwaves with netstumbler or kismet, learn the MAC addresses and simply change their PC to use it. Granted, it wreaks havoc with anything trying to use the same MAC address at that time, and debugging it can be a real pain.

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Bill Kearney

Probably a key mismatch. Manufacturers didn't agree about how exactly to translate from ASCII keys to HEX keys so unless your wireless card in the laptop is the same make as the router, you're probably keying it in 'wrong' on one of them.

Try using different styles till it works. Try WPA TKIP with pre-shared key with a TEXT passphrase as that ought to be in the same format at both ends. This works for me with the same router and an Edimax 54G wireless card using WZC to configure it.

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