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I tried setting up a friend's DSL tonight. She has two phone lines and ordered DSL on her #1 line from Cavalier (also my DSL provider). The sent her a Paradyne Reach DSL modem which I believe is MVL. I plugged the modem into the phone jack and connected the ethernet cable to her computer and set up her tcp/ip settings.

The connection only works when her phone is off the hook, hang up the phone and it immediately cuts the connection. I tried plugging the line from the modem directly into the wall jack, and on both sides of a two line splitter. still no go.

Is there something different about two line systems I need to do? Do I need to use a 2 line DSL splitter for the modem?

Thanks, Jon

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In the US, normal home phone wiring has dual twisted pair, with red/green being the primary and yellow/black the secondary. Normally, the first line installed is on the red/green pair.

Are all the jacks wired the same and is the DSL on the red/green pair, with filters installed on all the jacks for that pair where analog devices are connected?

Depending on the wiring, a 2 line phone or 2 line device, when plugged in, could cause cross line problems.

I'd unplug all devices from all jacks, confirm which wire pair the DSL is on, and plug the modem in correctly to that pair and then try it. If that doesn't work, it's probably time to call the provider and have them fix it.

Gary E

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Gary A. Edelstein

Thanks Gary. It turned out to be something in the wiring.

Cavtel sent a tech to her house and mumbled a few incantations at the outside box and its working now.

Regards, Jon

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