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Hello everyone!

I am posting in this newsgroup hoping that some of the more knowledgeable folks out there will have some suggestions for finding a solution to my problem. A bit of history first: I've lived for 7 years in a single and I had DSL, from Earthlink, and it worked just fine. I've recently moved into a 1-bedroom apartment in a different area code, so, I had to also change the phone number and phone provider(moved from Verizon to SBC). After I changed phone numbers and phone providers, I placed in to EarthLink the order to move my DSL. It took about 2 weeks until I received a new DSL modem(the DSL modem that I had before was more than

2 years old). I should mention that I use a hardware router/firewall, for better protection, but, I don't think the router plays a part in my problem.

Well, I received the new DSL modem, so, I was ready to hook-up everything together and see if it works. I have a phone jack in the bedroom and a phone jack in the living room. The phone is connected to the phone jack in the living room, and the jack in the bedroom is not used at all. But, and I think this might play a role in my problem, there is a wire going from the phone jack in the bedroom to the phone jack in the living room. I plugged the DSL splitter into the living room jack, connected the DSL cable to the marked slot, attached a DSL filter to the other slot and connected the phone cable to the DSL filter. I turned on everything and got no DSL connection. No solid-green light for the DSL led. No light at all. I called tech support and they asked me to connect just the DSL modem to the jack in the bedroom. When I did that, the DSL light would flicker 2-3 times every 20 seconds, over and over again, never going solid. So the technician told me that there might be a problem with the phone line outside the building and he gave me an open-ticket number and told me that they would call me back. After I had hang up the phone, I said to myself:"Maybe I should try plugging the DSL line directly into the phone jack in the living room". Lo and behold, I got a solid green light and was able to access the Internet. Of course, the big disadvantage is that, if I want to have DSL working, the phone must be disconnected. Also, I just got of the phone with the former tenant and she told me that the phone jack in the bedroom never worked for her and that she had DSL too and it worked just fine in the living room.

So, my question is: could this be a defective splitter? I did not think of trying to plug just the DSL line into the splitter, with nothing else connected, to see if the splitter is defective, not did I try to connect the phone to the splitter slot marked for DSL. I might try and look for my old splitter, the one I used at my previous place, since I know that one worked with no problems. Could it also be a defective filter? Another possible solution would be to call the phone company and get to the bottom of the problem with the bedroom phone-jack, worst case scenario is that I could have the phone in the bedroom and the DSL line in the living room.

Thank you for your time!

Valentin Ionita

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wondering aloud... you stated prior tenant gave you the answer...worn or deteriorated wiring to bedroom jack... or tip and ring reversed to bedroom jack...or bad jack or tie down at bedroom jack..your information indicates the bedroom jack is wired from living room jack ..not from bedroom to living room. . however i'm confused about your explanation of the hookup. re dsl router line port went directly into jack and phone, wherever plugged in went to a filter and filter plugged into jack , correct? also if dsl modem has line/phone port should not need any filter if plugging phone into phone port of dsl router.

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Yes, it could be a bad splitter. Also, the phone jack could be miswired. Radio Shack used to, and may still, sell a jack tester that lights green if the polarity is correct, red if not.

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Rick Wintjen

Thousand appologies!

I cried "wolf" for nothing. Although I strongly believe that I followed the instructions, as far as plugging the phone and the DSL in the correct slots in the DSL splitter, turns out that I somehow managed to connect each of them to the other slot. Everything worked exactly as it's supposed to, as soon as I plugged the phone line into the slot marked "Phone", and the DSL cable in the slot marked "DSL"(which said markings I had failed to see when I first did the hook-up).

As for the DSL modem, no, it's a "regular" DSL modem, just a phone jack in which you plug in the phone cable that will connect the DSL modem to the phone jack in the wall and a network port to connect the DSL modem to the computer/router.

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