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I just moved in with a roommate who has DSL installed in the house. Each of the phone jacks has the ability to connect a DSL modem to it. Is it possible to connect two DSL modems in the house at the same time (one in his room and one in mine)? I've only tried by moving his modem and plugging it into my jack, but have not tried two at the same time. Would this be possible to use the existing jacks in each room or would I need to connect one modem to a router and then run a cable to the other room?

Also, the DSL and phone line use the same jack. I tried to connect to AOL via dial-up and was unable to establish a connection. I noticed that my roommate has some sort of splitting device on his line (phone jack goes splits to phone line and DSL line). Do I need this device to use the phones on all the jacks in the house? Thanks!


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No, I doubt if the provider will allow more than one modem to sync on a line. Get a router and share the connection instead. Wireless probably will be the easiest between rooms.

These are filters, and should be used to prevent hearing noise with voice calls. I'd make sure they're hooked up to any jack that will have a phone or analog device. I don't know if they affect analog modem connections, however. My guess is you can't connect to AOL for other reasons - what error do you get on AOL?

Gary E

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Gary A. Edelstein

Sounds like he is describing a home phone-line network, so- there is one main adsl modem/router for the main computer. Other computers connect at other phone jacks using a pc-port/usb adapter for adsl service. All other phones/equipment also connect to the phone jacks thru a filter. To do dial-up to a dialup isp [say aol], you connect your modem thru the same type filter as the phones then to the wall jack. The 2-wire filter I've used to do dial-up thru a hpna has three phone jack connectors labeled: wall [always connects to the wall jack], hpna, and phone [this connects to your modem for dial-up]. Unless he asked for extra filters, and port/usb adapters, when he ordered his dsl kit, he'll have to contact his provider for the extra gear.

There are software setup issues if you plan on connecting to his dsl network with your computer, you have to configure your computer for a networked connection.

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Steve Dubrovich

ROFL, you used the words easy and wireless in the same sentence. Easy is a long patch lead with moulded booted plugs on it.... all colour coded if you use more than one. Wireless is tidier tho.

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