alarms compatible with XL4600SM keypad

Ok experts,

What alarm board do you recommend that would work with my existing XL4600SM keypad? My current board is locked out so need replacement.

Or do you think I should replace the whole system?

any advice is greatly appreciated.

thank you!


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Time to replace that puppy...

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Frank Olson

this is a trick question right?

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Crash Gordon

Let's see.

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Ya know .....the more I think about it ........ wait a minute, I'll be right back. I'm going to check on a few more things.

I'll really appreciate your professional help on this

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The FBII model XL2T is compatible with your keypads.

No. While it's pretty basic stuff, the replacement panel is very inexpensive. All of the other components will be compatible. Don't spend a lot of money replacing everything unless it's all bad.

It's up to you. Any professional alarm dealer can replace the panel for you or you can DIY if you prefer. The former is simpler although you'll probably have to sign up for monitoring if you with a pro. If you like to DIY I'd be happy to provide the panel and any manuals you need.

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Robert L Bass

Any XL-2 series FBII panel

2, 21, 2S, 2G, 2P and I think 2T.

Not worth the effort IMO. You can buy a newer small panel like that, and easier to program with a keypad included for around $100 or a little over from a number of on-line e-tailers.

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Bob La Londe

It's less effort to replace the panel and use the existing keypads than to replace everything.

The XL2T panel wholesales (dealer cost) for about $41 and retails for ~$52. Replacing one takes about 30 minutes. Programming takes about the same time as any similar small panel.

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