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If you are just going to throw it away send it to me...
When I quit contracting I contacted a former tech of mine (good guy usually) who has started a little alarm business on the side working for friends and family. He is a priniciapl alarm tech for the...
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DMP XR-550 FW v202
Hello, I wanted to know if anyone here happened to have a DMP XR-550 firmware RU file with version 202 that they could share with me. Thank you Why such old firmware? Its up to 213 now
1 week ago 1
Something Different!!
Hey Guys, And now for Something Completely Different!!! :-) you don't have an account you should be able to view. Have a good day!! Les...
2 weeks ago
New Question
Hey Guys!! Anyone ever use a IEI MiniMax3 Access Control?? I know that it has been discontinued but have been told that Nortek has 70 units on the shelf. For this project it may be the best fit. I am...
2 weeks ago 6
New Question
Hi All, I had a call the other day from a guy asking if I can help him with a Access Control System problem he is having. He got my number off the Nortek Control web page. And I am the only one that...
1 month ago 8
Hik Vision Phone apps for CCTV not working
Anyone aware that Hik vision servers using IVMS-4500 app are not working? I'm looking for some kind of workaround and have some info too. I have the IVMS-4500 on a number of NVR's and am not seeing a...
1 month ago 16
ademco vista 12D reporting
Ademco Vista 12D reports only Z4 (cid format) All the other zones 1,2,3,5,6 when triggered dont send report to arc... any idea? thanks in advance... Not familiar with a Vista 12D in particular, but...
2 months ago 5
DMP XR2400
Hey guys, Anybody know if the DMP XR2400 is a Conventional or Addressable Fire/Burg Panel??? "Inquiring Minds" thingy?? My best guess is Conventional but............... Thanks, Les addressable RTS...
2 months ago 7
Radionics handler update system recreated
Hello all, Not sure how many this would be useful to, but I have remade the "Radionics handler update system" that was shut down a few years ago. This is the server used to download handlers to the...
2 months ago 12
USB Extender
I've run into a new situation. I have a customer that is moving into a condo and I'm trying to help them set up their TV viewing. The lady is handicapped and will spend most of her time in the bedroom...
2 months ago 4
Hello all, We have at office installed an ademco 4140xmpt2 system. As we rearranging things and offices, we need to remove/erase some zones from the system as they are no longer needed. I have the...
3 months ago 1
Hello, Hello all, We have at office installed an ademco 4140xmpt2 system. As we rearranging things and offices, we need to remove/erase some zones from the system that we no longer be used. I have the...
3 months ago 2
Brinks Home Security - Vivaldi Software
This is a longshot, but I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding the old Brinks software called "Vivaldi", my understanding is that this is the downloading and/or monitoring software...
3 months ago 1
What the hell is going on? Everyone climb in their little Covid hidie hole? There's GOT to be SOMETHING someone can share! . How about availability of parts? How about the Cost of parts? Substituting...
3 months ago 12
OT: Low Profile Electrical Outlet
~~~~~|_____| >~~~ Wire...Box... 120v-Plug I could have sworn I saw something like that once, but for the life of me I can't find it. Hi Bob, Are you thinking of a special extension cord type box?? You...
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