Autto-attendant not working on call forward


I'm having a little trouble with call forwarding and auto attendant. Scenario: We have 1 main receptionist who has 2 backup assistants(A & B) to help her out with answering phones. Her phone has target line 250 assigned to it. That target line also has the auto attendant on it. The set up is such that if her phone is left ringing for more then 4 rings it is auto forwarded to assistant A. If assistant A fails to answer in 3 rings, the call is handed over to the auto attendant. This works flawlessly.

The problem occurs when the main receptionist will forward all her calls (Feature 4) to one of the backups to avoid a client having to wait several rings. If the call is forwarded this way, it rings out after 4 rings (if not answered by who ever it was forwarded to) and goes to general delivery mailbox rather then the Auto attendant.

All phones (other then receptionist) are set to goto voicemail in 4 rings. What's strange is that upon ring out the forwarded call dosent goto the forwarded person's personal mailbox. it just goes to general delivery.

I would like it to be handeled by the auto attendant. How can i accomplish this?

Thank you in advance

(btw, i do not want the target line ringing on all 3 phones - that is not a viable solution.)

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What release is the phone system, and what voice mail do you have?

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