looking to sub in hudson valley NY"norstar"

Anyone have a list of companys in NY or a link.I have been looking on and off since january and besides Blackbox "not really selling anything" and Shared"to many techs" i find nothing about subcontractors.I went to nortels site and looked at channel partner list but i am really looking for a subcontractor gig "install and train" want to be in and out in a short time frame.I have submitted resume to all regional agencys and have gotten call for NYC,Boston,and Jersey on pbx side but they were long term,to far,and no inkling to take 2 hr train ride to NYC. I was a norstar/bcm tech with about 10% of my work being Pbx.I am located smack dap in the middle of NYC and Albany NY.

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Check with Northland Communications out of Utica, NY. Also check with Gaffney Communications. subsidiary of Northland.

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