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Restoration of a 90's Backend to UCB Tcl and Protocol Engine started (SS7 IPT)
Restoration of a 90's Backend to Tcl and Protocol Engine started
Nortel 1800-24T switch manual &/or reset ?
Nortel 1800-24T switch manual &/or reset instructions? Our nonprofit picked up a few of these switches at firesale prices. We're getting some ideas why! No support that we can see via the net, so on...
Re: bcm 400 Can one reload the Admin Password - EE_ADMIN PASSWORD OBTAINED
I have the same issue. We have two locations and two bcm400 systems. The login credentials tow one site I have lost, or rather they were misplaced in our password binder. I have no clue why the two...
DND status
Welcome to DND/DNC Visit Check DND status upto 15000 No's status of any mobile operator in India. You can check DND/DNC status of 15000 mobile numbers in a single shot.
Re: bcm 400 Can one reload the Admin Password - EE_ADMIN PASSWORD OBTAINED
C. Hirsch, I could really use your help. I purchased a BCM400 version 4.0 hard drive from a vendor who did not supply me the user name/password. None of the usual combinations worked. Please contact...
Re: Want to buy NTGZ70AA MFRMIII 800 Mhz. Working or not
I have one of these at the moment. It has apparently never been used since there are no markings on the mounting bolt holes or on the ground cable. It has two small dings on the top cover plate from...
compact ics
I am trying to add an extension to a Compact ICS phone system. This system has always had fewer than 9 phones. They have 7 handsets and voice mail hooked up to port 8. They are trying to add a 8th...
Re: New Nortel & Norstar telecom tech forum
My customer has a callpilot-150 and i just received their phone bill for $5000. in long distance changes. It has been so long since I come across this situation. What programming can I get into to...
Want to buy NTGZ70AA MFRMIII 800 Mhz. Working or not
Hello, We are looking to purchase Nortel / Ericsson MFRMIII's NTGZ70AA, working or not. Please let me know if you have any available. d.gualco AT 101telco dot com. 805-477-zero-one-zero-one. Thanks!...
Re: SIP Firmware for IP-Phone LG-Nortel 6812, 6820, 8820, 8830
What is the password for this FTP?
Are you looking to auto-forward Nortel Voicemails via email (in .wav format) from your BCM or CallPilot?
Free 30 day trial for up to 5 Users. Client References available. Operating since 2009. All currencies, and most credit cards accepted. Home - VBK TO WAV
Meridian Mail system user data dump, name, mail box #, etc.
Is there a way to dump user data on a Meridian Mail system? Can it be dumped into a delimited file format? The data I am looking for is Name, Mail Box Number, etc.?
How do you verify DMI?
I need to build CDP but I need to verify the available DMI in Nortel Meridian. Do you know the programming command line? Can you give example what to see?
Nortel Product Familes and PEC codes
Does anyone have a guide that cross reference the names of the product families that to the unique first four digits of Nortel part numbers/PEC Code. For example: NTEU = OM4K NT0H = OM5K Rgds
Mailbox Features
How can I unlock my mailbox? I am using a T7316. Thank you.