Trouble configuring Cisco 857, many sites not working

First off, I'm a newbie to Cisco equipment. I'm a software developer by trade, working from home for my own company. I outgrew the router that my DSL provider gave me (SBC/AT&T) with my static service (5 static IPs) as I need to host some servers onsite and wanted a decent firewall. So, I read reviews online and purchased the Cisco 857.

I set this up yesterday using the wizard/installer that came with it. I have not enabled the firewall, and am currently using NAT across one of the external static IPs. Internally my network is

Generally, everything is working, but a few things are not and it's baffling me. AJAX websites (those that communicate back to the server with Javascript) are generally not working. A prominent example is Google's GMail ( I can login and view my mail, but I can't send or do anything that requires AJAX functionality. In fact, it seems almost as though I can't do an HTTP POST in general across the

857. Very strange.

When I plug in my old router, everything works fine. When I plug in the 857, I have the issues above. Hopefully somebody has some ideas that can send me in the right direction. I am decent with network equipment, and such. Many years ago I did have experience setting up and managing a Cisco 4000 series, but I've forgotten most of what I knew then. Let me know if you have any ideas on what might be wrong, or how I might be able to figure out what is wrong.

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To assist responders, suggest you post the router config and the output of show version.

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Just maybe, ... been there.

ip inspect some-name http Actually turns on what I think amounts to Java blocking. I don't know what this looks like in the GUI so... try

! = Comment

telnet 192.168.1.x ! Supply user id and password ! If prompt does not end in "#" en supply "enable" password

sh run | inc inspect !< run[space][pipe][space]inc

! make a note of any lines of the form ! ip inspect some-name http

conf t no ip inspect some-name http ! repeat if necessary

end copy run start ! save the config

sh run | inc inspect !< this is like "| grep" in unix

!##################### ! Dump from router ! login as: jim jim@'s password:

temp>en Password: temp#sh run | inc inspect ip inspect name INS.Home cuseeme ip inspect name INS.Home ftp ip inspect name INS.Home h323 ! ip inspect INS.Home out !< this is the inspect being applied to an interface temp#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. temp(config)#no ip inspect name INS.Home cuseeme temp(config)#end temp#sh run | inc inspect ip inspect name INS.Home ftp ip inspect name INS.Home h323 ip inspect INS.Home out temp#copy run temp#copy running-config start temp#copy running-config startup-config Destination filename [startup-config]? Building configuration... [OK] temp# ##### Now unbreak the router:-) temp#conf t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. temp(config)#ip inspect name INS.Home cuseeme temp(config)#^Z ! [Ctrl]Z = end temp#wr ! "write memory" is the original ! name for this operation and still works. Building configuration... [OK] temp-bh#

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You may also wish to investigate the Cisco 857 Config Wizard:

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Brad Reese Cisco Technical Forums

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