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We have been using the Cisco 837-K9 router and have been told when we placed an order for more that it is now discontinued and the alternative router is the CIsco 857-K9.

How similar is the 857 configuration to the 837, would I be able to in the short term use a config file from the 837 in the 857 to at least get up and running quickly?



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Ewan McNab
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I upgraded at a site a cisco 826 to a 876 (this is the ADSL over ISDN equivalent)

Most of the config file worked fine. Only Ethernet0 / had the name of Vlan0 in the new one. [the old one had only one ethernet port, the new one has a 4 port switch]

Apart from that I did not have to change much. So, yes in my case it was up & running farly quickly. YYMV

Greetings, Steven

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If you are using the "DMZ" port on the 837 (ethernet 2 - if I recall correctly) then you will need an 877 with Advanced IP Services feature set.

If not - and you are probably not - then as already discussed.

If you use the command line:- Suck config out of 837 change Ethernet 0 to Vlan 1 paste in to 8[57]7 done.

no username cisco would be a good plan.

If you use GUI thingy - no idea.

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