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Re: Does Cisco make a level 7 Gateway? (2023 Update)
I was wondering it the protocol translator still exists?
Re: AppleTalk problems (2023 Update)
This is a strange one. I have to run appletalk and see the configuration.
Re: Clear screen and clear line (2023 Update)
the cleanest way to do this is a little trick, just select the text and drag and drop in the main CPT window and it will evetually clean, idon't know how it work but it works
ASA 5500 for show.
I have a PIX ASA FW. To make auditors happy. I plan to insert it onto the egress between my (internal-switch) and someone else's (external-router called R2) The inside switch will be transparent (No...
Where can you procure new Cisco Routers/Switches?
Due to the Chip shortage my Cisco reseller has been pushing the delivery date back by months. Then they just did it again! I am at my wit's end. I have called multiple US resellers, one even hung up...
Hi , ( --------> ( ---------> ( End to End ping is not working from host to host with vlan tagged ports configured in all devices. Static...
curious if anyone is still here...
just curious if anyone is still around, it's been awhile since i've been on, thought I'd ask...
Re: Cisco QDM 2.0/2.0.1
среда, 10 октября 2001 г. в 07:57:09 UTC+4, Niloupi: i need Cisco QDM 2.0
CCNA Certification
Interested in getting a CCNA certification. Contact at with details on how to obtain. Thanks.
How statistics are being published for different modules?
Hi I'm currently reading the MIB sample in snmplinks. There, I faced with modu les and products. Obviously each product contains a few modules. Although i ts clear that object identifier for a...