Wireless not working with certain sites

Run IPConfig (or its equivalent) and compare Subnet Mask values in both cases.

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Eugene F.
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Hello group I wonder if some of the very knowledgeable members of the group can help me with this.

1/ I am with F2S (freedom to surf) since March (2MBit)and everything was working perfectly with my Speedtouch 716G wifi router

2/ In October I was upgraded free of charge to 8MBit and my problems started ...

3/ I cannot access sites like Hotmail.com / open MSN / fasthosts.co.uk / nationalrail.co.uk while i manage to access others like cnn.com or ft.com without any problem !

4/ However, if i disconect the wifi and i connect using the ethernet everything works fine !!!

5/ F2S seems not able to help me to reconfigure (?) the speedtouch (which i tested in another line and it works fine with ALL the above sites) ...

Any idea ? Does anyone understands why a site is accessible via ethernet and not wifi ? ...

Thanks for your help JS

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Joao Saraiva

fasthosts.co.uk /

ethernet and

MTU set differently ?


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Eric Parker

The only time I have seen this kind of problem was due with a problem in the frimware of the router.

The usual fix for this was flash the router with the lastest version of the firmware again but that was usually for someone who has a brand new router that was having the access some but not other sites issue. You may want to try that.

The other thing you might want to do is simply hard reset the router setting back to factory defaults and turning it off for a little bit. Then you can reconfig the router.

You can try either one and see what happens.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Many thanks to all of you that tried to help me !

I tried the different solutions, but end of the day the update of the firmware available from speedtouch managed to solve the problem !

Thanks again. JS

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Joao Saraiva

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