Cisco 857 dropping ADSL connection

I have AT&T broadband and an 857 router/DSL modem.

Periodically, sometimes quite frequently, my 857 is dropping my ADSL connection. It appears to be losing PPPoE, but I'm not really sure how to tell for sure. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to Cisco stuff.

I had the AT&T guy come out, and he tested my line. All the numbers were great. In fact, he says my line specs out as good or better than any he's EVER seen, and the local hookup is only a couple of short blocks away, which is why it's so good.

So, it seems nothing is wrong from the phone company end. I thought it might be a bad filter, so I disconnected every phone in my house, but it still drops connections.

Does anybody have any idea either what might be wrong or what kinds of diagnosis I can do.

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at the command prompt type 'dir' and see if there is crash dump info.. could be faulty memory in the router. you may want to try an el cheapo dsl modem on the line if you have a spare one or one you can borrow and see if the problem exists with that.


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Try updating the *modem* firmware. You can download the firmware here (without account and password):

My 877W lost the connection every five minutes until I updated the modem firmware to 3.0.10.

Is your Cisco configured to send logging information to syslog server? If it is check the logfiles whether it reports that interface "atm0" is down.

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