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Looking over the 3560's I see they do not have a SFP gigastack module, but instead have a SFP interconnect cable. Has anyone configured or can confirm if they know if you can configure 3 x 3560's in a similar fashion as you did with Gigastacks? i.e. (A->B->C->A)?

From the literature I seen so far nothing indicates that this would be

an acceptable configuration. I suspect it would be since STP would shut the redundant links down and using the interconnect cable just appears to be a normal connection between the boxes.

Thoughts? Amy

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Hi Amy,

Need LC connector for SFP.

Catalyst 3560 switches do not support the Cisco GigaStack technology on the Cisco Catalyst 3550, Catalyst 2950G and Catalyst 3500 XLs or the Cisco StackWise technology available on the Cisco Catalyst 3750.

A cluster of any combination of these platforms can be managed via a single IP address using Cisco CMS Software.


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This works just fine. 3560's use GBIC's instead of SFP. Use can use copper GBIC's, WS-5383. The GigaStack's aren't supported on the 3560's.


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Are you sure!?!?

3560 does NOT us GBIC's but uses SFP's.

No, it's not possible to use a stacking mechanism like the 3750 (stackwize) or 3500/3550/2950 (gigastack-gbic).


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Erik Tamminga

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