Trunking 3560 switches over a bridged LAN

Hi, I have the following configuration between 2 offices.

3560 Router Point To Point T1 Router 3560

What I would like to do is trunk the 2 3560s together (using VTP and configuring trunk ports) over the PTP T1. Cisco has the idea of a 'transparent bridge' (set bridge-group on the routers) to bridge between the Serial and Ethernet interfaces.

Some questions:

- Has anyone ever done this? Bits of sample config for the routers would be great. For instance, do I need to configure an IP on the ethernet interfaces of the routers or just leave them with no IP since they are bridged?

- Should the 3560 in office 1 be able to ping a trunked VLAN address of the 3560 of the other office directly over the bridge?

Any help would be appreciated. This is the first time I've dealt with WAN links.

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Are you saying why I would trunk the switches and select certain VLANs to trunk across? I would find that easier than setting up all the routes between the switches and the routers on both ends. The problem I have is that I have servers in one location that _must_ be accessed by the other location over the WAN link.

I would set the VLANs up so that the PCs in each office reside on their own VLANs and that VLAN traffic does not get routed. Only traffic between a PC VLAN and a server VLAN would get sent over the link.

If this is such a bad idea, what would you suggest?

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You should be able to setup up a dynamic routing protocol on the routers and the switches with very little effort.

The issue you will create if you trunk VLANS is that unnecessary broadcast traffic will pass over the T! WAN liink and that would not be a good thing.

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