Test SFP on Catalyst 3560

Today I ran into a situation where a gigabit ethernet link went down in a remote site. on one end of the connection was a Catalyst 3560 w/ a GLC-SX-MM= SFP module connecting on the other end to a Catalst 2950 w/ a GBIC of some type.

The gig interface on both ends was showing down/down. I eventually had to replace the GLC-SX-MM= SFP with a new one and the connection came up immediatley. My question is, is there a way to test/diagnose the SFP modules from the CLI to determine if it is functioning properly or not, rather than having to make a 200 mile round trip drive to analyze this onsite?

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In short, no. If you have someone there, and hopefully you have some spare ports in the switch, you can move to different ports, or leave a spare GBIC in a second slot for trial/error, but there is no official way to test GBICs or SFPs in IOS/Catalyst software.

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