Putting small switch on 3560's port

Hi everyone, just a simple question: I'm running out of interfaces on a 3560 and what I need is just adding a bunch of servers in the same VLAN.

Can I connect a small unmanaged switch (10p), connect there the machines and put the 3560's port in vlan access mode?

The network cards would not support VLAN tagging (they are DRAC cards from DELL servers), so they will send untagged packets. Would them be able to connect to the other machines in the same VLAN that are configured with the linux dot1q driver (so they send/received tagged traffic)?

If not, can I configure the switch to tag all the frames coming from the DRAC cards?

Thanks, Fabio

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Fabio C.
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Sure, no problem there. You'll create a 100Mbps bottleneck, but if the bandwidth isn't needed, this happens all the time in networks.

They'll be fine. You'll just be doing stock layer-2 switching, something very standard. The hardest part (depending on the hardware of your small switch) might be finding a cross-over cable to hook the two switches together with (if the small switch doesn't support auto-mdi-mdi/x)

It won't care about the rest of your network, and if you trunk into a server or not.

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Doug McIntyre

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