LAN-to-LAN with Overlapping networks and PAT


I am trying to get a LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN to work.

Site A is Site B is

On Site A, the inside network accesses the internet by being PAT-ted to a pool of four global IP addresses -

Site B has NAT-ted the hosts to be connected to over the VPN with

Now my question is that how do I configure Site A router wrt to NAT.

Will it work if I leave the PAT on Site A as it is and define my interesting traffic as: access-list 190 permit ip host

The PAT on site A is defined as: ip nat pool tcsux prefix-length 29 ip nat inside source list 163 pool tcsux overload

On Site B, the interesting traffic would then be between and

Will this work? Ofcourse, I can punch in the config and see if it works but unfortunately Site B isn't under my command so I need to suggest the config to the Site B admin.


Siddhartha Jain (CISSP)

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Siddhartha Jain
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