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Anyone have a contact number for Verizon DSL support (note: not Verizon Online)?

The numbers we have, 866-490-1788 and 888-391-1234 are apparently no longer valid. The sales folks refuse to talk to us as well, since we're not interested in their full service package, just the DSL line with us as the 3rd party ISP.

Apparently they recently changed their phone setup, discontinued their numbers, and changed policy on who is privileged enough to speak with their tech folks, all of course, right as we have a large customer complaining to us because they no longer will train up to the DSLAM.

If anyone has any info or contacts, I'd love to hear. You can follow up the the group or contact me off-list at kgasso /at/ visp /dot/ net.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Kameron Gasso
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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the info - unfortunately, that's the Verizon Online support number, for customers using Verizon's services for both the DSL transport and the service on top of it. We're an ISP who has customers using Verizon for the transport (DSL line) and us for the IP connectivity (That's also why I can't access Verizon's official support USENET groups).

However, after a couple of calls to that number, I finally got a tech who was able to give me a direct extension there to the ISP support center which was what I was looking for.

Thanks again for the assist.


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Kameron Gasso

In addition; you really need to know about...

The official Verizon DSL Support News Group. news://


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