New Verizon DSL rate

Verizon is now offering their DSL service for $15 a month. Currently I'm using Earthlink DSL (over a Verizon line natch). I'm obviously thinking of making the switch.

So, how's the service? Is it reliable. Is customer service decent? Is there Usenet? Can I easily go as lean as possible (i.e., without installing lots of bloated software)?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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The service will be as reliable as any DSL service.

You are paying an entry-level price (14.95 + taxes) for an entry-level grade of service (768K/128K), you are also committing for a year.

You can use the software to get yourself started (create account,username and password) then even add a router for multiple computers.

The idea is to entice dialup users with an attractive price. You can always upgrade to a faster plan (for more $$). This is not an introductory price that will rise in a few months.


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John P. Dearing

Compare the offers carefully. Verizon's entry level package is only for 384K downstream; there was a time when that was considered speedy, but it's not much now. Odds are, you're getting a higher speed with your Earthlink service, so if speed's important to you, compare.

Verizon DSL has Usenet and you should be able to go as lean and mean as you want. There was a time when you had to install their starter CD to register your account, although that may have changed.

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Cyrus Afzali

===> Verizon's base service is 768 Down not 384. (128 up). But do note that there are a number of passalong fees added on that amount to about another $4/month. The are charges to Verizon, not to the user, but Verizon (like most other providers) breaks them out and charges a separate cost to the user, so they can advertise a lower price for the base service.

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Marilyn & Bob

I just hooked up to it yesterday and I'm really happy with it. I did get an ethernet card and installed it. Seems things are suppose to be faster. I checked with this web site:

formatting link
680.8 kilobits per second that's much faster than my dial up and it should get faster when the modem burns in. I use Linux so setup was fairly easy and I didn't have to install any software. I'm just wondering if I answered the questions right during the setup. But everything is working fine so I guess I did.


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