Verizon DSL Connection Became Slow

I signed on Verizon DSL online service 10 days ago and the connection speed has been good untill two days ago (Oct. 19, 2004). Now I can only get about 20% speed I used to have, i.e. it takes me 20 min. to download a file while it only took 3-4 min. for the same size before Oct. 19, 2004.

Does anyone have the same or similar situation on Verizon DSL and how to fix it? Thanks ahead!

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Jim Yang
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I'm on SBC and get this happens to me every week or two. A `ping` of my gateway confirms it -- packets are being held for a second or two. releasing and restoring the DHCP lease corrects it.

There are many coincidences and evil packets than can get equipment confused. A hard reset of modem & router (or PC) should help. Sometimes it's necessary to leave a modem off for 2-5 minutes to allow it to retrain.

-- Robert

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