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I'm asking this for my grandmother. She was an AOL dialup user and decided to switch to DSL. She got some sort of plan that looks like it's a joint plan with AOL and Verizon. The DSL is through Verizon but she still gets AOL. The paperwork for the plan has both AOL's and Verizon's logos on it.

I've checked both AOL's and Verizon's websites and I don't see anything about joint plans or anything that resembles the plan she got. Verizon offers two plans with different speeds and costs that look fairly good to me. My grandmother was offered only one speed and it seems pretty sucky to me.

We're wondering if anyone knows if AOL and Verizon offer a joint plan? She's wondering if she got ripped off.

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Mike S.
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Yes AOL is a rip off, it is not needed.

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Pepi Manguell

Yes AOL and Verizon do offer a joint plan, it's AOL reselling the Verizon service. You can drop AOL completely and just go with Verizon. But it will be the same speeds and service, just not AOL on top of it.

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Bob Carrick

It's Verizon's lowest tier DSL service, which tops out at 768Kb/s. Verizon offers 768Kb/s service for $14.95/month with a 1-year agreement. The AOL/Verizon bundle is $25.90/month. If AOL includes the taxes and fees in that $25.90, it's not really so bad for the convenience of not having to change email addresses and learn something new. If taxes & fees are tacked on, it's no bargain (the $14.95 Verizon plan runs about $20.00 when taxes and fees are included).


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