Phone out. DSL still works!?!?

My phone is out but the DSL still works. Anyone ever heard of this? Tested the phone right at the line coming out of the wall too in front of the splitter. Doesn't this have to be a Central Office problem?

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This happened to me also. Squirrel had chewed into the line outside, it rained, and apparently a relatively high current connection like the POTS service couldn't work, whereas a low current connection like DSL could.

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On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 10:37:01 GMT, "ahh" wrote in news:

This was my problem just a few short months ago. Since I had DSL sync and no POTS voltage I assumed it was a bad line card at the CO.

I did however have to explain over and over to the drone at the phone company that given the symptoms they did not have to have me sit on my butt for 12 hours at home for them to visit before they checked that it was or was not the line card. It was all back up without them having to visit my end so I assume it was a line card at the CO. They never got back to me with what they did to fix it.

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