DSL SBC Home Connection Interrupted by calls

We've had DSL home service for over a year. Provider is SBC. We have the 2Wire Home portal. My only complaint is that when we get an incoming call, the signal gets interrupted for about 2 mins. One of the lights on the 2Wire Device changes from green to blinking yellow.

After about 2 mins, the connection works again. Until the phone call is terminated (phone is hung up). Then the DSL signal get's interrupted again, and we have to sit there paitiently and wait for about 2 mins!!!

I called a SBC tech last week. Was told to check the wires on the shield thing, that plugs into the wall, and make sure that the wires are connected to the proper holes. Everything was correct.

Then the tech said that the Shield Thing might be bad. I had another "Shield thing" that I never used, so I installed the new one. It appeared to fix the problem - once! Now the problem occurs just as it always had.

Also, the same problem occurs if somone in the home picks up the phone to make an outgoing call....

What do I need to do? Any suggestions? Thanks!!

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Probably the middle one that says Broadband?

Filters! Filters! Filters!

Every device attached to the same telephone number or telephone line must be connected through a filter. Just a note here, the 2wire modems can work on line 1 or 2. If you have more than one number, you may need to filter both lines (haven't seen it, but I think it's possible).

Do you have any of the following connected to your telephone line?

alarm/security system: active or not (call alarm/security company for filter instructions) utilities: does the meter report by phone? filter must (may need to) be provided by utility company water gas electric paging or intercom system that uses phones: may require a whole house filter (POTS splitter) or separate line for dsl rollover lines: put the dsl on your fax line, not one of the rollover lines

satellite (and rarely cable) box may use phone for premium services, such as pay per view external ringer or light flasher distinctive ring

other phones: attic garage bedroom upstairs downstairs fax machine answering machine caller id box dial-up modem telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD)

Filters are available (in my locality) at Staples and Walmart. Your favorite computer/office supply store may have them as well.

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Kay Archer

Throw those cheap filters away. Get a real splitter. Install it as close to where the phone line enters your house as possible.


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David Schwartz

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