I am new to wireless networking. I have the WRT300N router and WPC300N notebook adapter. My cable modem is the Motorola SB5120. My ISP is Comcast and I routinely connect at an astounding 270 Mbps. The servers at Speedtest.net give me download speed results over 15Mbps. Nice. However, two things got me stumped:

  1. Sometimes I lose internet access even though my system tray monitor shows that I still have an excellent connection. I end up having to disconnect and reconnect in order for my browser to bring up web pages again.

  1. When I display wireless networks in my area I can connect to the unsecured ones but still cant get my Firefox or IE browser to get bring up a web page. The browser only seems to work with my own secured wired/ wireless network.

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This is obviously a Wireless-N question. Disregard the subject title.

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On 2 Dec 2006 08:07:54 -0800, "umo" wrote in :


  1. DHCP lease renewal problem
  2. RF interference

Those networks may have protection against people like you.

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John Navas

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