Dlink DWL-7100AP in Repeater Mode

Hello Folks, I am a noob when it comes to wifi, so please bear with me. What I am trying to accomplish is this. I want to use the DWL-7100AP to extend the range of my laptop wireless connection, without a wired connection between the laptop and the 7100AP. I am going to use it on a boat and just hoist it up the mast (with a small battery) when I am in a harbor. I was hoping to select the AP I want to access by using the site survey tool in the 7100AP by wireless connection. I selected the

7100AP because I thought it would be nice to use the A band for laptop to the 7100AP, and the G band as the connection to remote AP's (the 7100AP has a menu option to allow the exchange of data between the 2 bands).

First thing I found out the 7100AP has to have an internet or router connection to it before I can connect to the web browser to configure the 7100AP. Ok, I connect it to my router and set it up as a repeater, use the site survey to select an AP to connect to. I can then disconnect the 7100AP from my router, and can get the 7100AP to repeat a remote AP and I can still access the web browser menu to control the


The problem is when I try to use the site survey tool in the web browser to select another AP to connect to, I loose the wireless connection to the 7100AP. It seems to me that as soon as the 7100AP is not connected to something to give it an external IP address, The laptop refuses to connect to the 7100AP. The only way I can connect to the 7100AP again is to connect it with the Ethernet port to a router. I tried connecting a cable between the laptop and the 7100AP (even a crossover cable) and I am unable to communicate with it. It seems like if the 7100AP is not getting ip information from an external source, there is no way to connect to it (wirelessly or wired).

So my question is this, how do I get the 7100AP to do what I want as stated above? Can it be done? Do I need some other equipment to connect to the 7100AP? Please help!

Thanks, Louie

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That's not a great plan. For better ways to do Wi-Fi on a boat, see

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John Navas

OK. You are using it as a repeater:

: The DWL-7100AP can operate as an Access Point, Point-to-Point Bridge, : Point-to-Multipoint Bridge, and Repeater.

: Network administrators can manage the DWL-7100AP settings via its : Web-based configuration utility or though Telnet.

Have you tried using telnet?

An AP usually has a default ip-address, so you can connect by cable to the access point without the AP having to be connected to a DHCP server.

I can do that with my DWL-G700AP when in repeater mode.

What does the manual say?

: For advanced configuration, network administrators can deploy : multimode operation such as using the DWL-7100AP as a 5GHz 802.11a : wireless bridge while simultaneously providing Access Point : functionality for 2.4GHz 802.11b/g networks.

I think you should try aiming at setting it up as an access point on the

5GHz band and as a repeater on the 2.4GHz.

That way you should be able to connect by wireless to the default ip-address of the access point on the 5GHz band and configure the repeater.

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