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I bought a laptop and would want to access the internet but am unable to do becoz I dont have a DSL or a cable connection. The laptop's Network card is unable to locate a wireless signal around the house. Is there any way that I could setup the INTERNET access other than the two options above? Kindly suggest me a way and the procedure to do it. Thanks.

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If you do not have a broadband service (DSL, Cable) provider, and there are no ambient wireless signals thbat you could hop onto where you are, you could go somewhere where there is a wireless hotspot. These days they're all over, e.g Starbucks, McDonald's, numerous so-called Internet Cafe's, some UPS Stores, some libraries, etc. Wherever you are just turn on your notebook computer and, if you're using Windows XP, right-click on the tiny TV monitor in your system tray with the three waves going out to the right. Then click on View Available Wireless Networks. If an show up that are unsecured you may be able to connect.

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