Laptop suddenly stopped connecting to Internet


We have a NetGear RangeMax Wireless Router attached to a Comcast cable modem at one end and our desktop PC at the other. We have set up a secured network using the router.

My wife and I use our respective laptops to connect wirelessly to the Internet using this router. This has been working for several months now.

Since yesterday, for no apparent reason, my laptop is unable to access the Internet using the router. Our router shows up in the list of available networks and my laptop has an 'Excellent' connection with it. However, when I open up my browser it does not connect to the Internet.

My wife's laptop works fine and does not have this problem.

Besides other secured networks, my laptop is able to see a couple of unsecured networks in the apartment complex where I live. If I connect to them, my browser works fine and can access the Internet.

Any suggestions on what may be going on here ?

One thought I had was to somehow delete all knowledge about our network from my laptop, and then let it find the network again and for me to re- enter the password etc. to set it up afresh. However, I do not know how to delete this info from my laptop. Any suggestions on how to do this ?


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John Burke
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So there is nothing wrong with the card.

The problem is with the router. Have you done a hard reset of the router and let the procedure reset all router settings back to their out of the box states. It might correct the problem.

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Mr. Arnold

What's ipconfig /all say when run from the command prompt? What does ipconfig /release followed by an ipconfig /renew do? I wonder if your dhcp server is just unhappy on the router.

Have you done the obvious of rebooting your machine and power cycling your router?

Double click your wireless icon down in the task bar. It should pop up the utility that is managing your wireless profiles, and there is usually a way to delete existing profiles. Without knowing whether your laptop uses an OEM program for that or Windows zero config to manage wireless profiles, no one can give you a definitive click stream how to do that, so you may have to experiment.

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Todd H.

Thanks a lot.

Powering off the cable modem and router (they are both connected to the same outlet) and then powering them on again solved the problem.

All is well.

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