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Recently purchased and installed Linksys WRT54G. Finally managed to get the computer (Thinkpad T42/XP-SP2 with internal Intel PCI Wireless Adaptor) to connect to the router but now when trying to load web pages browser won't connect (Firefox or IE6). Both browsers try dial- up which suggests the wireless connection not recognized but it shows connected on the Available Networks page.

Any ideas? Hardware problem, Settings problem?


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Start by turning off _all_ security in the wireless router until you get the connection working, ideally by resetting the router to factory defaults and then setting it up again.

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John Navas

You need to set the Internet Options to NeverDialAConnection.

In WinXp this is done by:- Start.ControlPanel.InternetProperties, select the Connections tab, select the NeverDialAConnection radio button


foam12345 wrote:

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Go to the "Tools" menu in IE6 click "Internet Options" click on the "Connections" Tab make sure the "never dial a connection" box is checked click on "Apply"

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From a command prompt, type ipconfig /all and see if your interface is being configured with a valid IP, subnet, and gateway. If not and if you're using DHCP, try turning off the firewall (if you have one running on the laptop). Sometimes, firewalls prevent DHCP from working and sometimes firewalls mysteriously block other outbound traffic (such as HTTP or FTP requests). I have had a lot of problems with the ZoneAlarm firewall that caused this kind of problem. You could have a problem with the DHCP server within the router, also, or some other configuration issue.

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All true.

Shut down ZL, same problem.

Very frustrating.

Guess I'll have to call Mombai.

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