Can connect to wireless router but not the web

Hi, I wonder if anybody could help. I am trying to connect to the web
using my flatmate's wireless connection, and even though I can connect
to the router itself (I get the IP address OK), no packages are sent or
received (cannot connect to the web).
I have tried other unsecure wireless networks and can connect without a
Tried changing the settings of the connection to my flatmate's router,
he made the network unsecured, switched off the firewall, but still it
does not work.
Anybody can help?
Thank you, Raul.
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From the top: What are you using? Router, computer models and versions What did you try? How do you know you a being assigned a IP address? Did you try to connect with an Ethernet cable, what happened?
I had the problem that I had my d-link set to 22kbs transfer speed, that worked fine between two d-link devices but didn't with a third non d-link device because it was proprietary to d-link,so had to set transfer rate to 11kbs.
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curly Bill
Do share your connection setup details . How did you confirm that packets are not going to and fro ? Did you try any kind of packet analyser ? Can you get some information from that log that you have captured ?
Karthik Balaguru
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