Competing wireless networks and browser wars

Ok, not a techie or anything so please be kind.

I've got a 4 port BEFW11S4 LinkSys wireless router and LinkSys Wireless-B PCI Adapter. The router is hooked up to the D-Link DSL modem.

The setup works well unsecured, never loose connection. The rub is if I enable WEP, disable broadcasting of the SSID and set a network key on both the adapter and router I can surf for 30 minutes, but eventually I loose connectivity. The loss is usually marked by a browser event in the XP event log.

The browser has forced an election on network \\Device\\NetBT_Tcpip_{8F9D3BB2-8EB8-4F51-8CF5-0FDC5DBA153C} because a master browser was stopped.

When the network goes offline, the adapter re-discovers my network as well as another one with a very weak signal. It is a secured network as per discovery. If I do a "repair" on the wireless network, it seems to pick up my network and the other network disappears. Eventually Mr X network reappears when I loose connectivity.

I have toggled channels on the router, but that doesn't seem to work either.

Anyone every come across a scenario like this?

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Either disable the Wireless Zero Configuration service on XP, which makes the wireless NIC seek out other wireless networks and tries to connect to them with possible drop of your connection as it connects to the other network.

Or on XP, configure and tell in the wireless configuration of the NIC what the preferred wireless network is so that it will stay connected to your network.

Duane :)

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