wireless b and g compatibility issues

I have an issue with my notebook which has a b/g wireless card built in. It connects to my wireless access point at only the b speed. The WAP I have is the Linksys 4400N and I have changed the settings on it to G/N mode only. I don?t know what?s going on but my notebook is still only connecting to it at max speed of 18Mbps, which is slow considering.

I have even changed the wireless mode settings of my notebook to

802.11g only. I get an ?excellent? signal strength and I don?t understand why the connection is still so slow.

I have the latest drivers installed according to driver detective so I don?t think it?s a driver issue.

It?s a real pain considering I stream DivX video across the wireless connection.

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How are you determining that the connection is 18Mbps? If that is download throughput, it might be all you can get. A 54g connection is good for around 20-24. If you are seeing a raw connection of 18Mbps, and throughput of 10Mbps, then there may be interference. Can you "find" other networks? Have you tried changing the channel on your WAP?

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