Windows 98 / ME Issues

On two separate installations I have the following setup.

DLink Modem router and a SuperG access point.

Windows XP computers are no problem, but I disable XP wireless control and use the WLan utility with either PCMCIA card or PCI adapter.

On two separate instances the Windows 98 machines see the network and appear to be connected. However I cannot connect to the Internet or PING the modem router or access point. Good signal and all the good signs. All latest firmware loaded. Using WEP hex in first key.

So two or three XP machines are connected nicely but the third Win 98 / Me box just gives DNS error or works offline.

When I test these machines at my place, no problem. I am using a

802.11b. It appears to be the 802.11g that is the problem. No amount of web searching is highlighting superg problems for Win 98 / ME.

Anybody got a clue???


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did you check the ip address by the winipcfg program? Is it getting the correct address? If I use my laptop (winme and dlink pcmcia g adapter) and take it over to my parents SMC router I usually need to release the ip address and then reconnect to their router. It seems to default to my dlink g router if recently connected to it. It acts like it connects to their router but I can't surf or ping until I release the ip address and reconnect to their router. I also had to include the router addresses in the trusted zones of my firewalls. hope this helps! later, dave dlink 524

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One out of many daves

I think you are right!

I will give it a go


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