smc wireless router and win 98 networking problem

I have a SMC wireless router which is hard wired (cat 5 cable to rj45 jack) to one computer, and a wireless connection to another. Its config to be Infrastructure mode.

The 1st computer that is connected with cable has multiple boot configured : XP, win 98 and win 2000.

The 2nd has Win 98 se.

When I am in XP on the 1st, both computers can see each other, and they both have Internet.

But when I boot into Win 98 on the 1st computer with multiple boot, and click on Network Neighborhood, I can not see the files or folders. I have enabled File and print sharing in the TCP /IP config menu.

The 2nd one can see the 1st in the workgroup, but just cant see the files. The 2nd one can surf Internet but not the 1st.

Any ideas or ffedback will be appreciated. TIA

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Do this on both computers:

Right click your Network Neighborhood and select Properties Find the File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks line and get the properties for it On the Advanced tab, under Browse Master, make sure that you don't have both set for "disabled"

You can have them both set to "automatic" but it's usually best to have one set for enabled and the other set to automatic or disabled. My suggestion would be to set "enabled" on the multi-boot machine, since it is probably also becoming the master under XP and 2000 already.

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TV Slug

Unfortunately I have already done that before posting the msg. Doenst work either. (I did have the XP one set to enabled and the other machine set to Auto)

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I found out what the problem was. I did not enable Sharing in My Computer window. I thought if I enabled File and Printer sharing in the Network Neighborhood tcp/ip etc menu then everything will be ok. Apprently its not you still have to enable sharing using My Computer menu.

In any case, thanks for your help.

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