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Hi, I am looking for some help setting up file and print sharing between a WIN XP pro PC using a 3com ethernet car hardwired to a Netgear MR814v2 router and a WIN 98 Laptop using a Netgear PCMCIA wirless network adaptor. The router is connected the the internet using a WIFI radio connetion to my ISP.

Prior to going to wireless router setup as described above, I had file and print sharing working using a Motorola Home networkin setup, no router, no internet connection. Just using a Motorola bridge.

I have set these small peer to peer networks up several times before with no problems.

My workgroup name is these same and file and print sharing is properly setup, however, I cant see the other machine and visa versa anymore.

Should I be running NETBUI over TCP?IP ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I've got a wireless linksys network with two XP computers and a Win 98 computer and have file sharing enabled on each machine. I found it necessary to run NetBEUI on each machine to share files with the Win 98 machine. To install that protocol on the XP maxhine, you need to use the XP install disc and manually navigate to the correct folder. On my disc, NetBEUI is located at VALUEADD | MSFT | NET | NETBEUI.

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Bob L

I have done it several times and didn't need NetBEUI at all. On the 98 machine, try the following: Disable and enable (again) file and print sharing Disable browse master Unbind file and print sharing to all instances of TCP except for the active adapter. If you really want to use NetBEUI, then disable file and print sharing for all except NetBEUI. NetBEUI is not obvious in XP but can be installed.

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Alan White

That will work but you left out how to test it. Start -> Run IP_Address_of_other_machine NETBIOS_name_of_other_machine This bypasses the need for the master browser. If you get a directory list, you still have connectivity. If it says xxxxx can't be found, you win.

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