Cisco LEAP on Windows Vista


Since Windows Vista has no native ability to use the Cisco LEAP protocol, which my school requires for access to its campus-wide WiFi network, I was forced to turn to third-party software, as I did while running Windows XP Professional, SP2. I use a Cisco AiroNet 350 series PCMCIA card for access. Since I have a ThinkPad T23, I loaded IBM?s AccessConnections package, which supports LEAP, and the Cisco AiroNet Client Utility.

Neither of these packages worked under Vista! AccessConnections was able to load and operate, but had no apparent affect on the wireless connection and could not ?power on? the wireless radio. The AiroNet client utility worked only in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME and even then brought up a message proclaiming that ?No client adapters were found.?

With that, there was no way I could connect to my campus?s network. This would be a BIG post-platform migration problem for any of the thousands of UA students who are using Cisco?s AiroNet 350 Series PC Cards to access the internet while on campus.

The card DOES connect to open, non-secure wireless networks.

Our campus network is made of the following:

580 Cisco Model 350s

400+ Cisco 1200 Series APs upgraded to wireless B/G

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Forrest Scott Brinkley
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