WGPS606 Bridge Problem

I have my network setup as follows:

Ethernet Cable Modem (external IP address) connected to my Broadband Router.

External IP address of Broadband Router 81.X.X.X Internal Adrress is

192.168.1.x with DHCP server set to distribute this range.

I have a 3Com office connect Wireless AP connected to this with Static IP address of

I have My Netgear WGPS606 setup and connected to the wireless AP with IP address

I have 2 printers a Brother HL 2030 and an epson r300 connected.

If i connect any computer to my network wireless it gets allocated an IP address and if i connect to my ports on the broadband router it gets allocated an IP address.

i can also print from all PCS connected upstairs and wireless

The problem i have is if i connect to the ports on the WGPS606 i can not get an ip address, It is as if the wireless Bridge is not working correctly

My router and Broadband connection is upstairs and i am trying to create a bridge to downstairs so that my PC's downstairs can connect and browse the internet, My DHCP Server Is upstairs

Maybe someone has had this trouble and fixed it



PS i also have another problem with a different setup so maybe you could look at that thread too

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