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I'm trying to create a wireless bridge between a Belkin Wireless g router (F5D7230-4), which is connected to a cable modem that does not have wireless capability, and an Edimax Wireless Access Point (EW-7209APg). I need the latter to act as an access point as well as one end of the bridge, so have set it in "AP Bridge-WDS" mode.

As far as I can tell, I've set everything correctly in the setup, and can't find any settings related to bridging in the Belkin setup utility.

The two are on the same subnet, the Belkin is and the Edimax

I cannot connect wirelessly to the Edimax at all, nor with a network cable and my computer set to a specified IP (presumably this latter is because the Edimax is not acting as a DHCP server?). When I'm connected to it with a network cable, it is not bridging to the Belkin router and thus the internet.

PS: the Belkin uses WEP security, which I've set (with the same key) on the Belkin as well. Is this likely to make a difference?

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Chris M
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Does anything in the Belkin or Edimax documentation lead you to think that this is possible?

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Neill Massello

It would appear you're trying to do this:

DSL modem >--> Belkin >~~~~~> Edimax >--> any computer

where the Belkin to Edimax is a wireless bridge. If this is correct, then replace the wireless link with a simple short length of ethernet patch cable to test the basic configuration. After all, the definition of a wireless bridge is a connection without a copper wire. This will confirm you have the basics set up correctly. i.e the DSL modem runs DHCP and the Belkin bridges the DHCP passively. That means you'll connect the modem to one of the LAN ports of the Belkin, NOT the WAN or "Intenet" port.

That can take a bit of doing at times, so you might want to set your modem to "bridge" mode (where it doesn't run the DHCP server) and connect it to the Belkin's "internet" port and let your Belkin serve up the DHCP.

Regardless which approach you use, you'll first need to get that one computer hard wired to the Belkin working.

Moving forward, you need to determine if the Belkin and Edimax can even work together as a wireless bridge. That may indeed not even be possible. For example, lets look at a Linksys setup:

DSL modem >--> WRT54G >~~~~> WAP54G >--> computer

where the WRT54G acts as a wireless AP and the WAP54G Access Point is set for "bridge mode". In this configuration, the WAP54G will ONLY bridge with another Linksys device, period. In this mode the WAP54G is no longer an AP, its nothing more than a wireless network client card

You might want to try reversing the Belkin and Edimax to look like this:

DSL modem >--> Edimax >~~~~~> Belkin >--> any computer

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