Extending wifi with 2 wireless routers

Hi, I have seen several threads about this, but they could not help with this problem.

I have two Voyager 2091 wireless routers. One is downstairs, connected to the DSL. Signal is weak upstairs and I would like to use my other router to act as repeater. So, I will have my laptop connect wirelessly with my router upstairs, which will relay everything in/out to the router downstairs wirelessly.

I have tried many suggestions on the previous threads, none worked:

- On the same channel with different SSIDs, while setting each as repeater of the other.

- Turning off DHCP on router upstairs and assigning it a static IP, while setting each as repeater of the other.

- Connecting my laptop with the router upstairs via ethernet cable.

- ..etc.

I believe the problem lays in the wireless connection between the two routers.


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bozmar hath wroth:

Those are the instructions for how to do it with a CAT5 cable run between the two wireless routers.

I'm not familiar with the Voyager 2091. Does it have a WDS (wireless distribution system) feature? Using Google, I find considerable mention of this model and WDS, but no specific setup instructions. If you can find instructions for WDS, then it will work in place of the CAT5 cable between routers.

One gotcha with WDS is that WPA encryption is only supported on a few routers. In most cases, WEP is the highest level of encryption that will work, which is IMHO a security problem.

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