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is the latest and greatest invention for the next 5 years. iPhone combines three products, a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop. It is really sad how some users will always attack a revolutionary product just because it is made by apple when the real reason that they attack it because they are too drugged on Microsoft products and the new Windows Mobile system.Overall the phone is sa-weet! Better camera than most phones, advanced picture viewing technology, visual voicemail, etc. I could go on for hours...however, the phone doesnt really meet the needs of business people. The 'iPhone'
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an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting users control everything with just their fingers.In both hardware and software, the iPhone is a truly new creation. In the technology industry, we tend to call these "1.0 products," and many savvy consumers choose to wait until a second version arrives, presumably with the original version's bugs worked out.I'm not saying wait for version 2.0. You don't need new hardware to love the phone; version 1.1 should do it.The iPhone by Apple is an evolution to the mobile communicator. Combining cell phone, email, internet and other information services with a top-notch music and video player, the 'iPhone'
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positions itself as all things to the person that needs all that.The iPhone aims to enhance usability by adding more capability to a cell phone and wrapping it up with an intuitive touch screen interface.Fun new interface for navigating multimedia. Huge screen looks amazing. Terrific Web browser. Syncs well with PCs and Macs. YouTube function is great. Functions flow seamlessly into each other. Built-in speaker for voice calling and music. The 'iPhone'
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is the smartest smart phone out there. It works just like the commercials. It is that smooth and usable.

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