I got netgear WGPS606 and I can't get it work

first if I hook up with lan port to pc by not fix ip it can't find it . after i fix ip to it can connect yes !! but problem still come .

It's go through process till step assign ip for printserver they said no ip assign / ipconflict [my router is]

or ip it not in subnetmask [how can and in subnet is not same subnet]

so I change ip print server to in stead[this is PIA i have to change ip from WGPS 606 and change from pc i hook up again i change pc to after]

first setup went smoother I can print from pc that I hook to wgps606 with lan wire fine but from another pc even i use setup cd I can't setup printer by that

after i login to wgps606 it said connect and signal is 99%

plus ip is assign already

but even pc I hook up if I puul out lan and use wireless it not even reach

ok I back to wire connect towgps606 that pc not have any ip assign from wgps606 plus cant go online even it said in setup it's connect

I hook up with netgear firewall router for 1st try

and 2nd try I use linksis SRX200 it's have same problem

and tech support not even call me back after

I also ask some question like

this wgps606 can act alone like router if i don't have another wireless router they said yes but it not work at all

any thing you can give me vlue to setup ?

ps. I even turn off whole firewall system

for netgear router it self it said it connect to wgps606 but nothing go through . can't even ping

and nothing responds from linksys router


I use toshiba sattellite L30 connect direct by cat5e lan wire to wgps606 another laptop connect to router netgear wgt624v2 hp pavilion connect to router netgear wgt624v2

may be I'm stuck in router but I turn off firewall already [disable firewall in srx 200 / SPI firewall disable in net gear router] It should be can pass already do I need to forward port or do something special ?

thank in advance if u can help me with it


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On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 22:07:16 -0500, Pawint_K wrote in :

Do you know it's a wireless _client_ device, _not_ a router or access point? Did you run the Smart Wizard?

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